Suddenly Blue Jay fans exist!

Am I the only person not sold on the Blue Jays? Suddenly everyone is calling them THE team to beat in the AL East. That’s laughable.

Clearly people have forgotten about the Miami Marlins, where a shitload of their starting lineup and rotation has came from. Everyone thought the Marlins were going to be that 90-95 win team to beat in the NL East. Can anyone tell me what happened to them? Just kidding, you don’t have to. They fucking sucked. Ozzie too.

Adding players to a team does NOT solidify where they will be going. Detroit? Everyone said a possible 100 win season. They had 88. Red Sox? People said they would be able to match 2011 type of numbers. They were last in their division. Angels? Pujols and CJ Wilson were supposed to lead them to an AL West crown. They finished third.

If you’re one of those dumbasses that are calling the Blue Jays winning the AL East or World Series on their current team on paper, please shut your ignorant mouth. There is no proof that they will have a strong season, even if it LOOKS that way. Nothing is definite in the world of baseball, and you should learn that before you make yourself look even more like an idiot.

Personally? I THINK. Read that slowly. THINK. They will win around 85 games. I do not KNOW. I am not CERTAIN or FOR SURE. I THINK.

Get that through your dumb fucking minds, people.

AL East Predictions

I made predictions for each division as soon as the offseason started on my personal blog, but with the new signings and tradings going on, I feel like doing new predictions should be done, starting with the AL East.

1. New York Yankees - 95-67
2. Tampa Bay Rays - 92-70
3. Toronto Blue Jays - 86-76
4. Boston Red Sox - 84-78
5. Baltimore Orioles - 70-92

It’s hard to deny that the Yankees are still one of the best teams in baseball, and just barely the best in their division.

The Rays have shown to have one of the best and youngest rotations in the league, led by James “CG” Shields, David Price, ROY of ‘11 Jeremy Helickson, Wade Davis, and the young phenom Matt Moore. The only two rotations that come to mind that are anywhere near or better than the Rays would be the Angels and the elite rotation of the Phillies.

Ever since Jose Bautista exploded in Toronto, they have been a team with a postseason appearance just waiting to happen if they built around him. As he gets better, and the rotation starts to shape up with Brandon Morrow and Ricky Romero, they can play a good spoiler and may have a shot at making it into the postseason.

Boston is going downhill, and will be for some time. With the addition of Adrian Gonzalez in the 2010 offseason, it seemed that the team would shine in offense, which they did. The problem lies with the abysmal talent in the bullpen and disappointing rotation last season. With the loss of Papelbon, where the Red Sox will end up doesn’t seem promising.

And the Orioles are the Orioles; lackluster and doomed to playing in the toughest division in baseball. They are slowly getting better and more polished with their players, as Matt Wieters is proving to be a premier catcher.

I expect a good battle between the Yankees and Rays for the top spot in the division, but the Blue Jays are my “sleeper” team in the division. What are your predictions?